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熱帯アフリカ原産で、インド、東南アジア、アメリカ大陸などの亜熱帯および熱帯地域で栽培されています。高さ20m以上の常緑高木で、葉は長さ15~20cmの羽状複葉で、小葉は10~20枚、形は長楕円形です。花は総状花序を形成し、花びらは5枚で直径3cmほどです。 黄色にオレンジまたは赤の縞模様が入っています。


A console table is made from a cut tamarind trunk.

You can feel the warmth, texture, and power of wood, creating a deep natural atmosphere in your space.

Sizes can be ordered. Color matching is also possible.


Native to tropical Africa, it is cultivated in subtropical and tropical regions such as India, Southeast Asia, and the Americas. It is an evergreen tree over 20m in height, and its leaves are pinnately compound, 15-20cm long, and have 10-20 leaflets, oblong in shape. The flowers form racemes with 5 petals and a diameter of about 3 cm. It is yellow with orange or red stripes.

Unique Collection / タマリンド Thamarind from Indonesia

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