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Spend every day in a space that integrates the ordinary and the extraordinary

a sea turtle.jpg
a sea turtle_edited.jpg

Nature in everyday life is flowers in vases, foliage plants, trees in the garden, flowers in the park, pets, etc.


The daily healing from them make our lives enriches very mush. ​

​And another nature,  the Amazon , the wild animals of the African continent, Alaska, Antarctica, the ocean, etc.

The same time has passed, and the way of being has been the same since long ago,  nothing has changed.


The visible changes on earth are the way we live.


Disasters caused by climate change represent the cycle of the earth.


Nature is our guidepost.

I believe that spending every day feeling another nature will eventually lead to great richness.

By expressing it in the furniture we see every day and I thought it is easy to incorporate that perspective into our lives.

I also thought the design was extraordinary and interesting.

May the earth we leave for the future be abundant.


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